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As an effort to help the Minnesota small business community elevate their online presence to modern standards, we have prepared a free audit of your current website. The best looking website in the world doesn't do much without adequate SEO in order to drive traffic to it — therefore we added a short SEO audit as well.

We're a team of 2 experienced digital marketing professionals and are here to help.

We hope you find this useful and get the chance to implement some of these recommendations in your current website, as well as generate more business from this.

Your current website

Our recommendations

  1. The navigation bar has gaps in between the menu buttons. Consider turning this into one, continuous bar.
  2. Your email address gets lost amongst everything else. Consider adding it next to your phone numbers in the top right.
  3. The layout of your services offered is very hard to read on a first glance. Consider restructuring the layout and highlight the most important services.

Mobile responsiveness test


Your current website is not responsive, nor mobile friendly.
It's very difficult to use or navigate your website, as well as read its content on a phone or tablet.

SEO Analysis

Google search result:

Example keywords used
for this search:

"general contractor cloquet mn"


Not findable on the first 3 pages of Google


Optimize your SEO efforts to increase your ranking over time and reach more prospects

This is only a snapshot of a few items that could be improved about your business's online presence. Of course there's a range of other work that can be done in order to capture more leads through digital means.

If you are interested in finding out what this entails, or if you need professional help with any of this, don't hesitate to reach out to us at Lulo Agency.

We have more than 15 years of combined experience in providing small business with digital solutions. All of our work comes at attractive rates and month-to-month contracts.