Exam User Members

The Exam User member category was approved by a Delegate Assembly resolution in 2017

To become an AVѧԺ Exam User member, an organization must:

  • Have an organization mandate exclusively related to the regulation of the profession and protection of the public
  • Use the pre-licensure exam developed by AVѧԺ

Contact an Exam User Member

Benefits to becoming an Exam User member of AVѧԺ include, but are not limited to:

  • Ability to participate in the development of the NCLEX Examination
  • Access to comprehensive "Members Only" website
  • Access to a multitude of online course offerings
  • Access to AVѧԺ publications such as white papers, newsletters and brochures
  • Networking conference calls for Executive Officers and Presidents
  • Education, discipline, practice and policy knowledge network conference calls

Exam User members will have one voting delegate at Delegate Assembly. These members shall be eligible to serve, if appointed, on all AVѧԺ committees with full voting rights as committee members. Exam User members are eligible to serve on the AVѧԺ Board of Directors, if elected, as Director-at-Large.

Organizations interested in becoming an Exam User member of AVѧԺ must first to the AVѧԺ Member Relations department for consideration. Applications are considered by the AVѧԺ Delegate Assembly each year at its Annual Meeting. Upon approval, Exam User members will be required to execute a member agreement as well as pay an annual membership fee. Payment of annual dues is required in order to maintain membership in AVѧԺ.

For questions or additional information, please with the AVѧԺ Member Relations department.

Only members of AVѧԺ are granted access to private pages on www.ncsbn.org