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AVѧԺ Nursys e-Notify Database Enrolls more than 1 Million Individual Nurses

Posted 09/18/2023
More than 1 million individual nurses have chosen to self-enroll free of charge and reap the advantages of being enrolled in AVѧԺ Nursys e-Notify database. 
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CHICAGO – More than 1 million individual nurses have chosen to self-enroll free of charge and reap the advantages of being enrolled in AVѧԺ Nursys e-Notify database. In the same system, as an additional benefit, nurses can also obtain their unique nurse identifier, AVѧԺ ID at the same time they enroll for Nursys e-Notify.

“We are extremely pleased that we have reached this significant milestone because we know how beneficial Nursys e-Notify is for both individual nurses and institutions that employ them,” comments AVѧԺ CEO David Benton, RGN, PhD, FRCN, FAAN. “We want all of the nation’s more than 4 million nurses who are currently not enrolled in e-Notify to take advantage of this free service that delivers timely updates directly to your email address.”

Nurses selecting to enroll gain many benefits from individual participation in this system, including keeping on top of license status to help them potentially prevent fraudulent licenses or certificates being issued in their names. Enrollment is free, quick and easy. In just a few minutes via the Nursys eNotify nurse self-enroll portal, nurses can receive licensure status updates, create and manage multiple license expiration reminders, and keep track of their license verifications for endorsement to boards of nursing. 

The AVѧԺ ID is a distinct numeric code, unique for each nurse, that allows nurses to easily identify themselves to applications and processes without providing detailed information, protecting their personally identifiable information.

Powered by U.S. nursing regulatory bodies (NRBs), Nursys is the only national database for verification of nurse licensure, publicly available discipline and practice privileges for registered nurses, licensed practical/vocational nurses and advanced practice registered nurses provided directly by participating NRBs and designated by them to be primary source equivalent.

Nurses can enroll at and select “As a Nurse” to complete the enrollment process.

Additionally, institutions that employ nurses or maintain a registry of nurses can register and  enroll their nurses in the . With this registration, institutions gain the ability to receive automatic licensure, publicly available discipline and practice privileges notifications, and the AVѧԺ ID for nurses in their employ quickly, easily, securely and free of charge.

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